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Kasra Almasifar

Kasra is trained in the newest massage techniques as well as acupuncture and Yoga therapy.

He received a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1996. Afterward, he worked as consultant for ten years, and then moved to India in 2007 to obtain his master’s in psychology.


Kasra became interested in Eastern medicine after getting his master’s degree, and decided to pursue a career in massage therapy. He later took acupuncture courses and received his acupuncture degree while simultaneously studying for a PhD in psychology.

In 2011 he established his own clinic in India. In 2016 he emigrated to the United States where he also completed a one-year massage therapy course at the Massage Therapy Institute in Columbia, SC.

After completing all licensures he practiced on his own for a few months before joining Veritas Health Group, LLC.

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